Border Blue Records is an independent record label specializing in dance and pop music production, recording and distribution. If you would like more information on current projects or business relations, please feel free to contact us. Digital distribution and internet marketing are an integral part of our business.

The label was formed in 1998 by John Wu initially to release solo albums by the artist, Blue Audio.

Over time, the company has grown to include collaboration with other labels and distributors, as well as development of the following divisions:

  • Border Blue Productions, a wholly owned division overseeing artist production and development, operating in conjunction with

  • Border Blue Studios, a full digital audio-based recording studio with extensive capabilities focused on dance music production, providing recording, mixing and mastering solutions, and

  • Border Blue Music, a publishing company dedicated to copyright administration and clearance for the entire catalog of Border Blue Records.

Artists, producers and labels we are currently or have previously worked with:

Blue Audio, acoustic/electronic pop solo artist, see the official Blue Audio webpages

Chris Hunter, songwriter and founding artist of factorBlue, a synth-based pop duo with John Wu on lead vocals and guitar and Chris Hunter on keyboards and percussion

D.A.C. Crowell, producer of factorBlue and other acts, with studios based at The Aerodyne Works

Mark Rubel, producer, engineer and owner of Pogo Studio

Hana, artist and vocalist based in Los Angeles, founder of AsAmPOW Entertainment

Krissy Chow, pop/rock artist formerly based in Chicago

Rose Studio, based in Taiwan, production collaborations

Endora, synthpop band from Chicago, IL

Kilna, solo artist in San Diego, CA

We have been a part of the American Synthpop Coalition, a group of independent labels which included:

A Different Drum
Ninthwave Records
Cohaagen Music
11th Records
Nilaihah Records
Kinetic Response Records
Synthphony Records
Artoffact Records
Delicious Records
Souvenir Records
Plastiq Musiq

We are not actively seeking new artists currently. Most of our submissions come through industry contacts or partner labels. Please do not send unsolicited demos without contacting us first. If you feel you have something we would be interested in, be sure to follow industry guidelines on demo submissions. If you would like to submit a promotional package to Border Blue Records for consideration, please contact the A&R Department through an industry referral.

If you contact us, please direct your message to the appropriate personnel:

General Info: for general questions regarding the label, current projects, business relations, etc.
Sales and Support: for questions about orders, invoicing, shipping, accounts receivable and accounts payable, etc.
A&R Department: for demo/promo kit submissions, artists seeking production or distribution, etc.
Public Relations: for current press releases, promo material, spokesperson contact, etc.
Investor Relations: for investor kits, access to company financial info, etc.